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Our Facility

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Our Home at the Summit

The Science Adventure School is lucky enough to call the Summit Bechtel Reserve "home." Built in 2010, “The Summit” is also home to the National Scout Jamboree and the fourth Boy Scouts of America high adventure base in the United States. Although the site hosts an impressive number of different program venues across its 10,000 acres, the Science Adventure School uses the areas listed below: 

SBR Sustainability Tree House

Sustainability Tree House

The Sustainability Tree House is a living education center that immerses students in the concepts of sustainability. Students will explore hands-on demonstrations of diverse aspects of the forest ecosystem and its interconnections, as well as how they can sustain nature for future generations. Between the local timber used to build the structure, the rainwater recovery system, and the wind and solar-generated energy, the Sustainability Tree House is not just a living classroom, it’s an adventure.

SBR Archery Range

Archery Range

In our Science Behind the Sport program students won’t just be learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, but why it works! Students will explore various material properties for bows and arrows and learn how the force from their fingers on the bow string translates to arrow speed.

SBR Zip Line

Zip Canopy Tour

After learning a few basic equations, students will predict their maximum velocity on a zip line before they go for a ride. Then they'll collect real-time data to solve their personal flight speed. Who knew physics could be so fun?

SBR Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

The best way to be a successful climber is to understand how your equipment works, your own body mechanics, and even a little bit about the rocks you’re climbing. That’s exactly what students can expect to discover while they cheer each other to the top of the wall.

SBR Wetlands Boardwalk

Wetlands Boardwalk

The wetland habitat at The Summit is a happening place! Students will make lasting connections with the environment by discovering what kinds of wildlife live here, how to find and observe wetland critters, and why this unique ecosystem matters at camp, at home, and at school.

SBR Tent Sites

Tent Area

When you sleep at the Summit, you're going to be sleeping in style! Spacious enough for you and three of your newest friends, this canvas platform tent is sturdy and protective from the elements. It’s the perfect set-up for the first-time camper. We can’t wait to show you around your new home for the week!

SBR Console Bridge

CONSOL Energy Wingtip Bridge

This is the CONSOL Energy footbridge, and it’s one of the coolest bridges around! It's so tall that you'll be able to see far beyond the rugged hills and mountain forests. There's also a secret platform underneath the bridge so you can see right down into the treetops. 


Wild and Wonderful Environment

You'll see so much beautiful wildlife at our site and have opportunities to learn more through the study of phenology, which explores how seasons progress through changes in plants and animals. For example, you'll discover when and how a dragonfly nymph hatches and then grows into the incredible, colorful creature we all recognize!

We can’t ruin all the surprises you’ll experience and treasures you’ll find at The Summit. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us anytime. We are privileged to be your guides for the week and can’t wait to meet you!

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