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Covid-19 FAQ

How will SAS accommodate for the Covid-19 pandemic?

Restricted Access – The SBR is closed to the public. Only those authorized by full-time staff may enter the property.

Temperature Checks - Upon entrance to the SBR, all persons will be required to get a temperature check and answer general health questions to assess suitability to enter the SBR. Those with a temperature of 100.4 and or answer the pre-entry questions in the affirmative will not be permitted to enter the site. All seasonal staff must have their temperature checks at the start of each day.

Face Coverings - When you will be interacting with others in buildings or areas and cannot maintain social distancing (6 feet), all people need to wear a face covering.

Dining Facilities – Students and staff who are dining at one of the dining facilities will practice physical distancing while in the dining line. A facial covering will always be worn in the dining facility when not eating meals.

Disinfecting and good hygiene –   items and surfaces that students come in contact with will be regularly disinfected. Disinfecting supplies are provided in all buildings, along with hand sanitizer. Students will be encouraged to wash hands frequently with soap and warm water for 20 seconds or more.

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