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For Educators & Administrators

See the Science Adventure School through the eyes of teachers and administrators.

Not sure what is in it for you as a teacher? Interested to see what administration had to say about students attending? Meet the principal and teachers from Beckley Stratton Middle School who were brave enough to go first, and see what their experience at the Science Adventure School was like!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this school impact my classroom or school overall?

The timing of SAS at the onset of the school year has been carefully considered to provide students meaningful experiences as they transition into middle school. As an orientation program, this program will impact your classroom culture by supporting the development of a class community and respect among students. Our adventure-based environmental STEM curriculum has been designed to rekindle students’ sense of inquiry and increase investment in academic performance. By teaching students to confidently respond to challenges through development of personal problem-solving and goal-setting skills, expect students to dynamically impact their home schools as positive role models and future leaders.

What kind of curriculum will be delivered?

Science Adventure School successfully integrates three innovative programs to get youth excited about learning. The WVU Science Behind the Sport curriculum demonstrates the fundamental principles of STEM in the context of high adventure activities like rock climbing, zip lining, and archery. Our inquiry-based Environmental Education curriculum encourages students to explore freshwater and forest ecosystems, wildlife ecology, and soil science. Both programs actively engage youth with hands-on, application-based activities. Finally, we integrate experiential education curriculum designed to help students navigate the challenging middle school transition and emerge confident, motivated, and united.

If I attend SAS with my students, what will my role be throughout the week?

While SAS will have experienced, highly knowledgeable instructors and group leaders, teachers will be asked to accompany students during all educational and adventure sports activities. Students will look to their grade level teachers for encouragement and guidance throughout the week, as well as support in resolving possible peer conflicts or making positive behavior modifications. Teachers will also spend time with their students during meal times and camp nearby students as well. Your role includes being present and participating alongside your students, but does not require any curriculum delivery or content preparation, although we may ask your help and expertise at times with curriculum delivery. 

What can I do to help my students prepare for SAS?

Teachers will play a primary role in preparing students for their upcoming experiences by making necessary information available and reviewing necessary details to ensure students are adequately prepared before coming to SAS. Teachers may relay specific questions or concerns that students and/or teachers have before arriving, so that SAS Staff may make necessary preparations as well. We are so excited to welcome your students and supportive teachers to SAS!

Who will select students from my school to have the opportunity to attend SAS?

Specific criteria for making student selections will be established at each individual school. However, we do ask that this program not be used as a behavioral reward or repercussion.

How many teachers will need to attend with our students?

We request that one teacher attends for every 14 students so that each group of students has the opportunity to get to know at least one teacher while at SAS. We understand that teachers will not be as familiar with their students at the onset of the school year, but we know that shared experiences at the SAS will provide a strong basis for positive teacher-student relationships for the rest of the year.

Is there an incentive for teachers or administrative members to attend with students?

While we aren't able to offer financial compensation, we want all our teachers to feel appreciated for their dedication! Each attending teacher or administrative member will receive a t-shirt and a small gift for going above and beyond for their students and for their willingness to possibly step out of their comfort zone as well.

What are people saying?

  • “[After the school] She was no longer nearly as shy... Now she's willing to try new things.”
    Parent of Student

    2017 Pilot Program

  • “I have a stronger bond with people, I have more friends than ever, and I learned more about my teachers.”
    2017 SAS Pilot Program Participant

    2017 SAS Pilot Program Participant

  • Our kids need this. Our future needs this... This was the best time in my teaching career. I hope other kids in our great state get this opportunity.”
    Angela Houck

    Beckley-Stratton Middle School Teacher

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