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SAS at the Outdoor Education Center

Welcome to the OEC! 

If your school is signed up to attend SAS at the Outdoor Education Center, here’s a sneak peek at your soon-to-be home.

Students practice braking on a small zip line, surrounded by a forest in bright fall color.

Sleeping at the OEC

A round, cozy yurt is lit up from inside, surrounded by forest at dusk.

At the OEC, we sleep in yurts. Halfway between a tent and a cabin, each yurt holds cozy bunk beds and has enough space for you and a dozen of your classmates. 

The inside of a yurt, featuring sturdy wooden bunk beds, ceiling lights and a ceiling fan, and shining wood floors.

Yurts are great for first-time campers, but equally fun for folks who have camped before. Yurts are also ideal for indoor lessons, evening discussions, and games, especially in rainy or cold weather. We use yurts for everything! 

Students play a game inside a yurt, seated on the floor with colorful plastic spots on the floor between them.

Activities and Classes at the OEC

Two students climb outdoors on a natural rock face, while belayers and other students watch.     Three students smile in a forest lightly dusted with snow. Two students are sitting on a giant tree stump.     Students on mountain bikes smile into the camera, while riding a flat, forested trail surrounded by autumn leaves.

The OEC is an amazing location for outdoor adventures, and the fall colors are spectacular. You'll get to try outdoor rock climbing in Coopers Rock State Forest, mountain biking on a nearby trail, going on a zip line, and exploring the surrounding forest in search of wildlife and spectacular trees.

A student smiles proudly while posing next to an archery target. Three arrows have been shot, two of which were bulls-eyes.    Students on mountain bikes line up for a ride. One student on a bike makes a funny face at the camera.

Meals at the OEC

Students wearing silly tinfoil hats sit at long tables for dinner, in a large room with wood walls and rafters and large windows.

Every day at SAS, we have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and plenty of snacks! At the OEC, we eat our meals inside this beautiful wood building. We serve a wide variety of foods for you to choose from. Don’t worry if you have food allergies, or if you only like eating certain foods—we'll work with you to make sure you have plenty to eat!

It's going to be a great week. We can't wait to meet you at the OEC!

Students work on a teambuilding exercise, standing on a narrow wooden bridge with a rope handrail.    Students examine animal skulls, a deer antler, a feather, and an animal pelt during a Wildlife class.

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