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Day of Giving

Day of Giving, March 20th 2024

Calling all SASquatches--- Day of Giving is here! During this 24hr event, your support can help us win virtual Day of Giving challenges and extra funding for students to attend SAS. Let's show the WVU community the positive impact SAS has had on you and your students on Day of Giving! Join our team by following our social media pages, sharing your memories or experiences from SAS, and entering the challenges below to help us reach more students across WV! 

We thank you for your support!

Donate to SAS on March 20th & Share our official link with others:

Ways to Help 

Today - Follow our SAS Socials! 

Stay up to date with all the Day of Giving Challenges by following our Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter) accounts!

Facebook: @ScienceAdventureSchool

Instagram: @ScienceAdventureSchool 

X (Twitter): @WVU_SAS

March 11th - 20th 

Share the Day of Giving promotional video from our Facebook Page 

Help spread the word about WVU Day of Giving by sharing the promotional video from the Science Adventure School Facebook Page (will be posted on March 11th). The top three participating groups that receive the most shares of the video from their page before March 20 will win additional funding. In order for your share to count for this challenge, it must be shared from the original post on our Facebook:

Day of Giving Social Prop Challenge

Take a photo or video with the Day of Giving pennant, and share on social media using #WVUDayofGiving and @ScienceAdventureSchool. The WVU Foundation will select one of the best posts between March 11 and March 20 to receive an extra $1,000 for the unit tagged. Don't forget to tag SAS! 

On Day of Giving - March 20th 2024

First Time Donors Challenge: 12pm - 1pm

Make a $5 donation to SAS from 12-1pm and help us win this challenge! The top three participating groups with the most first-time donor gifts between 12 and 1 p.m. will win additional funding. 

WVU Gear Kid Photo Challenge: 4pm
Between 4 and 5 p.m. on social, post a picture of your kid(s) in WVU gear on X or Instagram and the top three most creative posts will earn additional funding. Let's see those SAS shirts! Make sure to include #WVUDayofGiving and tag @ScienceAdventureSchool (Instagram) or @WVU_SAS (X)

WVU Gear Pet Photo Challenge: 7 pm

Between 7 and 8 p.m. on social, share a picture of your pet(s) in WVU gear on X or Instagram and we’ll select three of the most creative to earn additional funding. Make sure to include #WVUDayofGiving and tag @ScienceAdventureSchool (Instagram) or @WVU_SAS (X)

Favorite WVU Moment Photo Challenge: 8 pm

Reply to the @WVUFoundation social media post at the top of the 8 p.m. hour on Facebook, X or Instagram with a photo of your favorite WVU or SAS moment and the three best posts will earn additional funding. Make sure to tag @ScienceAdventureSchool 

“Country Roads” Challenge: 9 pm 

“Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong…” Record a video of yourself singing or performing “Country Roads” and the three most creative posts will earn additional funding. Make sure to include #WVUDayofGiving and tag @ScienceAdventureSchool

If you have videos from the SAS season and would like to be included in our Country Roads Mash-Up, please send them to Jess at 

 ‘I Gave’ Challenge: All Day

After making a donation, tell others about your gift on social media using #WVUDayofGiving and #IGave. At the end of the day, the three most creative or inspiring posts will receive additional funding. Remember to tag @ScienceAdventureSchool

Our Funds

Our goal is to continue to provide SAS for free to families, so every dollar goes to helping students gain access to Science Adventure School. Your monetary donations will go directly towards your choice of student support in one of these areas:

  • WV Science Adventure School Fund (2W135): All donations received to this account will go directly towards student tuition. Each dollar raised here translates to more students accessing SAS. It’s important for us that the program is never cost prohibitive for students who need it most, and we can only achieve that with your help.  

  • Science Adventure School Student Assistance Fund (2W1595): Because we encourage all students to attend SAS from every walk of life, it is common that we encounter students who may be lacking the clothing, shoes, or other gear needed for a fun and comfortable week at SAS. Donations received to this account will go towards being able to purchase necessary items for students so that they don’t just have, for example, a warm jacket or shoes that fit while at SAS, but they can take it with them when they leave. 

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