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SAS at the Summit

Welcome to the Summit! 

If your school is signed up to attend SAS at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, here’s a sneak peek at your soon-to-be home.

Students pose for a group photo, while smiling and pointing to their Science Adventure School t-shirts.

Sleeping at the Summit

A large, square canvas tent stands in a grassy field, surrounded by other similar tents. The tent is about 10 feet tall. Through a screen door, a bunk bed can be faintly seen.

At the Summit, we camp in style in these canvas platform tents. Sturdy and spacious, these tents keep out the weather and provide an awesome camping experience. 

The inside of a canvas tent at the Summit: two bunk beds are visible, with sleeping bags and pillows. The screen door of the tent is open, showing a grassy field.

Inside each tent, you’ll find two bunk beds—enough space for you and up to three classmates.  If you have a sleeping bag and sleeping pad, please bring them—but if not, don’t worry! We have plenty of both for you to borrow.

SAS campsite as seen from the air: Four school buses pull next to rows of gray canvas tents in a grassy field.

Check out our campsite! Our tents are arranged in a tidy little corner of the Summit, just for Science Adventure School. Your teachers and SAS staff have our own tents near yours, so we’re always nearby if you need us.

Meals at the Summit

A dozen students eat breakfast at an outdoor picnic table, in front of a large gray building. On their plates are pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

Every day at SAS, we eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and plenty of snacks! We eat most meals on the porch of the Summit’s awesome dining hall. The dining hall serves a wide variety of foods for you to choose from. Don’t worry if you have food allergies, or if you only like eating certain foods—there’s something for everyone at the Summit dining hall.

Activities and Classes at the Summit

A boy with a determined expression rides a BMX bike over a bright red metal ramp in a grassy field, while his classmates watch from a distance.    Three students smile and laugh, holding hands, playing a game with a hula hoop.    A group of students peers into a lake surrounded by wetlands. Three students lie on their bellies on a wooden boardwalk, while other students stand over them, pointing and looking into the water.

Every Science Adventure School experience is a little different, so we can't guarantee your week will look exactly the same as this. But there's a pretty good chance that you'll get to try:

- Fun games and challenges

- Rock Climbing

- BMX Biking

- Canoeing

- Exploring a wetland

- Catching crawdads in a National Park

- Zip Lining

Students rock climb on a large, outdoor artificial climbing wall at the Summit.     A smiling girl wearing a helmet and harness stands on a wooden platform at the top of a zip line, while a woman connects a zip trolley to the girl's harness.     A girl smiles and holds out a three-inch crayfish, while standing on the rocky bank of a stream.

It'll be a great week, and we can't wait to meet you at the Summit!

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