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Executive Documents

Please find below some executive level documents that should help shed light on the development, operation, and impacts of Science Adventure School. Should you need more information, please feel welcome to email us or visit our Resources Library. We are an open book and consider you a part of our team! 

Executive Summaries: 

SAS Executive Summary - This two-page document summarizes the concept of SAS, curriculum, geographic areas of service, research, and economic impact. Intended to be a high-level overview and to start the conversation, know that we're excited to learn what you're excited to learn. Let's continue the conversation. 

2023 Impact Stories - This is a compilation of real experiences that our staff witness throughout our operational season. If you want to understand how SAS changes the lives of these students, this is great place to start. 

Research Summary - This is a high level overview of the research being done by Dr. Alice Morgan. For more information, please feel welcome to see the complete research report below or reach out to Alice at 

Economic Impact Summary - This is a two-page overview documenting the effect that SAS has on the West Virginia's economy.


History of SAS_2019 Recap - Overview of the pilot, interviews with families, students, and teachers

What is SAS? (2021) - Hear from our students and staff what makes SAS special

Outdoor School for All:

Outdoor School for All is a movement to guarantee access to outdoor schools like SAS nationally. Both Oregon and Washington have legislative movements that provide funding for all 5th and 6th students in their state to go to an outdoor school. Here are a selection of resources on this movement.

Outdoor School for All Campaign - An article giving an overview of the movement.

Oregon Friends of Outdoor School  - information about Oregon's state-wide program

Washington Outdoor School  - information about Washington state-wide program

Empirical Support for Benefits of Outdoor School (2015) - a report summarizing academic studies on outdoor school and experiential learning environments

Long-Form Documents:

Doctoral Dissertation on Science Adventure School - An in-depth look at a Dr. Alice Morgan's original doctoral dissertation on the academic relevancy of SAS

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