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SAS at Heritage Farm

Welcome to Heritage Farm! 

If your school is signed up to attend SAS at Heritage Farm, here’s a sneak peek at your soon-to-be home.

Students in archery class shoot colorful compound bows at targets, in a grassy field.

Sleeping at Heritage Farm

Large, cozy yellow tents glow from the inside, set against a dark sky and the silhouettes of trees.

At Heritage Farm, we get to camp under the stars! Our tents are arranged in a tidy little corner of the Farm, just for Science Adventure School. Your teachers and SAS staff have our own tents near yours, so we’re always nearby if you need us.

Three students sit inside their sleeping tent, which is spacious and tall, surrounded by their sleeping bags and personal gear.

Your tent is really large--big enough for you and a couple of classmates.  This space will be your private home for the week. If you have a sleeping bag and sleeping pad, please bring them—but if not, don’t worry! We have plenty of both for you to borrow. You'll sleep warm and cozy!

Our showers and bathroom facilities are in this beautifully renovated dairy barn from the 1800s.

A large brown wooden barn stands among green fields and rolling hills.

Activities and Classes at Heritage Farm

Heritage Farm is an amazing location to explore the outdoors and celebrate living in West Virginia. You’ll get to meet native wildlife and special domesticated animals, ride bikes, shoot a bow and arrow, and explore the surrounding woods and streams.

Students wear safety googles and gloves as they conduct a science experiment outdoors at the Farm, with a SAS teacher.  Students go on a hike through a forested section of the Farm, carrying binoculars and notebooks.

Explore high into the trees on wooden swinging bridges while you listen for birds. At the end of the week, try the amazing Zip-n-Climb challenge course with all your friends!

A boy smiles and runs through a large cargo net, high in the tree canopy on the Treehouse Trek.   Students wearing harnesses and helmets work their way across a wooden challenge course with bridges and hanging ropes, high in the air.

Meals at Heritage Farm

A buffet table is laid for dinner in a wooden building. The tablecloth is patterned with science imagery, including a DNA molecule, various chemical symbols, and a diagram of the human body.

Every day at SAS, we have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and plenty of snacks! At Heritage Farm, we eat some meals outdoors, and other meals inside this beautiful wood building. We serve a wide variety of foods for you to choose from. Don’t worry if you have food allergies, or if you only like eating certain foods—we'll work with you to make sure you have plenty to eat.

A teacher and his students pose for a picture during BMX biking class, wearing helmets and holding bright yellow bikes.

It's going to be a great week. We can't wait to meet you at the Farm!

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